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Halloween! It is such a treat! This year I had a busy day! Both mom and I got dressed up nice and early - 7AM in fact so that I could take some photos with my buddies at the park. It was a bit cold so not everyone showed but I was there - full fireman and ready to use my 'hose'.

At 8am, mom went down to teach the Halloween Aqua class dressed as a giant pumpkin. She wore the hat and collar that I wore last year when I was a pumpkin - I'm glad these costumes get a second life. I rested up meanwhile since upon her return we were off to the Javitz.

The photo show was in full bloom and we went to check out some of the new printing techniques and equipment. I ended up being photographed quite a bit - I guess all that modeling practice payed off. We even got some large prints of my magazine ad blown up so I can see myself life size! The machines are incredible and the resolution is crystal clear!

I made some new friends at the Canon room and when asked if I was allowed in building, simply replied that I was the fire inspector and began sniffing around - worked every time.

That evening I dressed up again and helped mom deliver candy to all the Trick or Treaters that showed up outside our door. I found out later that mom pasted a pumpkin on our door which meant people could ring it. Before that, I wondered how we became so popular all of a sudden! I would bark every time these little costumed people would waddle up to the door -

I was the trick and then they would get a treat. I got to do this over and over and over -

what a blast!

And if that wasn't enough... when the Trick or Treaters were no longer allowed to T or Treat, mom had an adult Halloween party! This time people came in to the apartment dressed as ghosts and super heroes and strange leaf nymphs and we got to endulge in all kinds of deliciousness. The party went all night and finally it was time to sleep and I fell deep, deliciously deep!

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