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November 1st!

November 1st - bunny bunny!

Well, Halloween is over and I'm faced with a costume that is still on my body and a messy desk - so much to do. I like to organize everything for the new month and all, but with the multitude of festivities, I got a bit behind. I'm not going to beat myself up about that though, that would defeat the purpose of all that fun. I'll just start at the beginning and do one thing at at time, and eventually my desk will be clear and my To Do list will be more manageable.

One of the first things I am going to do though, is get mom to take this costume off. It has been great all week, but now I'm starting to get some stares as people think, hey, this dude still has his costume on - what's up with that?! Then I need to sit at the computer and take care of emails - they pile up - have you noticed?

I used to get about 30 emails if I didn't check for a day, now it is over a hundred! I don't know how anyone gets anything done?! Luckily it is a weekend so things are a bit slower and I can catch up. But as I sit in my mound of paper, I think, why do I want to catch up? I'll just have to catch up again. So I go for a nice long walk and feel much better.

Holidays are great but you definitely need a post holiday day to really make it special. So here's to the day after the holiday day! I just put on the song Celebrate and am doing just that. Join Me?

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