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Power Lunch

11th avenue is really picking up. They keep building new residences, and restaurants and cute little cafe type places. So I felt it necessary to frequent a few since I am a local, and I should keep up with the flavor of the hood.

So today I went on a power lunch. I found this lovely bar and grill and took some time to chat and enjoy some new tastes. People are always lovely on a nice day so I had a lot of fun. I also have extended some of my walks so I can explore new streets since every week or so there is something new and I don't want to miss it.

This is one of the benefits of living in the city. People are always saying, wouldn't you just love to live in the suburbs and run in the backyard? No, I'm too sophisticated for that now. I've been exposed to the constant flurry of change here in the city, and while cement can get a bit boring, I know I can always hitch a ride to the country on the weekends - so why not have the best of both worlds? Also, if I need some pizza at 1am, I've got them on speed dial - and they deliver!

Well, I'll let you know of my next discovery. For now, I'm going to run off a bit of this power lunch. I got a bit over indulgent and I need to stay in shape for health and for future jobs. The power lunch works best if you are shmoozing a new job opportunity. Ciao for now.

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