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Chanukah Begins

Chanukah always appears more solemn than other holidays to me. I believe because there are these pretty candles displayed on a table like above picture or in a menorah, which is a cool device that holds the candles in place. There are 8 candles and one 'head candle'. That head bossy candle gets to do all the lighting. If you ask me, that candle has a bit of an ego. It gets lit every night and then lights the number of candles that correspond to the correct day.

The fun thing about Chanukah is that you get to say this nice prayer each night as you light the candles and then gifts are given out. Mind you, since there are eight nights, you generally don't get the big gifts until the last night. Until then you get more useful or practical things like socks, or pajamas or in my case sweaters and squeeze toys.

It's nice too because each night you can get together with family or friends so you can share the holiday with more people. Also there is this potato latke tradition. I wasn't too familiar with this until this year when mom and I attended a holiday party where they served potato pancakes or latkes. These are served with apple sauce or other toppings and are quite delicious. Mom wouldn't let me eat a lot of them as they are fried, but I'll run an extra lap tomorrow!

Happy Chanukah... let the games begin!

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