Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Oh Christmas Preparations...

I love the holidays so I am now in my glory! It is a bit of work though to get all the gifts, wrap them in a picturesque and neat way, put on the bows, ribbons, write cards... that is why I am posing in front of the tree in my lobby. They did everything, which makes it easy for me.

Except there is nothing actually IN the boxes. (believe me I know) They are setting up a very nice display though, in fact very soon this wheelbarrow will be full of toys - but for now it makes an apt pedestal on which to display myself for the picture.

As you might have noticed, I have changed from my Halloween sweater to this Christmas sweater. It is not of the ugly variety to which many people ascribe. I enjoy those sweaters too so maybe, if I get enough time, I may add some pom poms, glitter and the like and see what I can come up with. Meanwhile, I am pacing myself, as this time of year is a whirlwind, you can get lost in the melee'. It is like the World Series or Superbowl and I need to stay on top of my game.

I have been sleeping and watching the treat intake and so far that is all I've really done - just relaxed and watched myself eat treats. The treats are just so delicious, it is hard to cut back. So I made myself a deal, if I can't get my sweater on, I will cut out the treats.(what? you say my sweater is stretchy - why yes it is, but I already made the deal with myself so if you have an issue, just talk to my mom)

ok, I'm off to wrap some presents of my own. And remember, it's not just the presents, it's the spirit of the holidays - giving to others. And yes receiving too. (I just love that part)

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