Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Taking care of business

It's about time. Mom finally got off her butt and put the pictures of me from my print job up on the wall. I must say they look quite good. I had wanted all the pictures but mom said that was too much, so we settled on two pages and she gets a poster for her too. It looks good in the kitchen. The kitchen is where people congregate and it is colorful and smells good when cooking is being done, so I think having my picture there is the best place!

It was also one of those things that we had talked about doing earlier, and finally got around to. I think the new year is good for that. You get rid of all kinds of things and you just do - the things you had put on the back burner.

I wonder where mom would put my next print job pictures? She doesn't have a lot of pictures up in the apt. She likes minimalist decor and in the living room she likes bare walls, so my only options are the foyer, which is small and full of stuff or the bathroom which is pretty chock full of pics as well. It looks like it is going to be one of those things we decide in the moment. This year is about being more spontaneous and in the moment. Mom and I discussed that being more present and taking more time with things this year would be a good goal. Life seems to be flying by so quickly that unless you stop to breathe the roses --and boy do they smell good - you might just miss a lot of life.

I think it's about time to start smelling some dinner being cooked so see you later!

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