Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Accordion to Rambo

It's happens every Wednesday in Bryant Park throughout the Summer - Accordions Around The World. It is one of those events you have to seek out, but once you find it, you're glad you went looking.

The event starts at 6 PM so it isn't too hot out. I like to leisurely walk over and take care of business before I arrive so I can dance unencumbered. There were several 'stations' of accordions set up, mom and I went to Bobby's section where we were able to dance and sing hit tunes from the 50's to the present. Bobby didn't stop for the entire two hours, I however brought refreshments and was happy to take a break and partake in some picnic action.

We sat at a small table with our friends Rusty & Mark, Piper and Naomi. I enjoyed the chicken salad sandwich, and while others found the colored liquid preferable, I stuck with good ol fashioned tap water. Smooth and Simple. I did sneak over to a couple other stations - all very lively and unique. I have heard that it is quite difficult to play the accordion as it has many different buttons and keys to keep track of and play simultaneously. I'm not sure that is the instrument for me, unless I could place it on the ground and use 2 paws for the keys and 2 for the buttons. I would definitely have to work my abs before trying to get the accordion to move in and out however. That may just be too much work. Triangles around the world seem like more my speed.

My niece who lives in Boise, plays the French Horn. That's another instrument that requires a lot of talent and technique. I feel I would get all tangled up in the squiggly parts. No, for now, I am happy to support my talented musician friends and family by simply dancing and singing.

Bobby concluded the evening with a Beatles song and we all sighed and took in the beauty of the evening. One of those perfect warmish evenings; a slight breeze to lift you along, and we strolled our way back through the city streets. It didn't even matter if others were pushing through, in a rush to get somewhere. We were content and in the flow. Accordions will take you there you know.

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