Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Apple picking to new heights

Apple Picking Day! Once a year, mom, uncle Peter and aunt Mimi take me to Warwick NY to go apple picking. Normally we walk through the high grass and pick plump apples from the ripe trees. I have to be careful because many times someone will pick a single apple and a bunch will come tumbling down and I have to scurry to evade getting hit. It's a fun game actually.

This year however, everyone thought it would be fun to have me climb the trees to get the apples that no one could reach. I tried to explain that dogs don't climb trees, that climbing is more for cats or bears. And I walked ahead thinking end of story, until I heard 'Exactly! And you are simply cute as a teddy bear.' Next thing I know, I'm impersonating Tarzan.

Luckily apple trees aren't that high in general. An Apple picker is the typical instrument used to get the fruit at the top. It's a long stick with a net on the end. I bet lacrosse players would ace apple picking, by the way. But it would seem I was the picker of choice and since it was rather warm out, I got quite the workout.

The others worked hard too. They had to taste a sample apple from each tree that we wanted to pick from, to ensure that the apples were scrumptious. Each tree is slightly different and my family likes the apples on the tart side with lots of crunch so we had to do a lot of munch - ing before picking. At the end of the day, we had 2 bushels loaded in the car. Those bags were heavy so we needed some additional fortification and found the apple store and fair.

We got some apple doughnuts that were really fantastic. Not at all greasy, these rings of delight were like small apple cakes that had been transformed into a doughnut. We each got one and then the rest of the day, kept asking why we didn't get more. We then took the obligatory pictures where you stick your head through a board that makes you look like you are an apple in a huge basket. I was lucky enough to have a green leaf pointing out of my head. And then we finished by strolling past the ponies and pumpkins.

On the way home we stopped for dinner at an Italian restaurant. We ate al fresco, so I could sit on Aunt Mimi's lap and garner food slipped inconspicuously to me under the table. I have learned to lie low and make small, almost imperceptible little grrr's when I want something to eat. Tonight I ended up with some lemon chicken and butternut squash risotto. I can't eat like this every night, but apple picking day is special - Carpe Diem!

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